Recommended reading from the 2009 Interaction and IA Summit conferences

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In February 2009 I attended the Interaction Design Association conference in Vancouver, Canada and in March I attended the Information Architecture Summit in Memphis, Tennessee. These are the premiere conferences for designers in the field of user experience, interaction, and information architecture.

My purpose in attending these conferences was to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing User Experience Designers and learn what I can do to help make Web sites easier to understand and easier to use.

Each conference provided me with fresh perspective, new ideas, and a wealth of information gained from participating in sessions, keynotes, hallway conversation, drinks, meals, and social networks.

The amazing people that I met at these conferences were welcoming, supportive, kind, warm, friendly, and overwhelmingly positive. I owe them all a great debt and promise to do my part to champion the ideas they’ve been so kind to share.

Throughout each conference (and particularly at IA Summit) I made a point to jot down any book recommendation or article mentioned. What follows is an unordered and by no means exhaustive list so please add your own recommendations in the comments.






Food for thought




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